Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I gotta say I agree with this

God knows I like to jump in his shit as much as possible when he deserves it, but I honestly don't begrudge him his vacation.

And he looks like 8 different kinds of hell to me lately, has anyone else noticed??? He looks tired, pale, and skinny. I mean Lord have mercy, skinny. He was always slender, but I think he's really gotten damn near anorexic.

He deserves his vacation, and while I think he should have spoken on the attempted bombing a tad sooner, I see no need for him to cut his vacation short. It's not like he's really on vacation anyway.

I am reminded of how they hounded my darling W so much when he went to his ranch, and I refuse to do the same thing.

Rest up, Prez.....

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