Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Fluked without so much as a kiss

My fellow Conservative Warriors are getting Fluked, and it's their own fault. They are too lazy to get their facts straight on the Sandra Fluke issue.

Sandra Fluke's Imaginary Friend is a Lesbian, not a slut.

Okay, she may well be a slut, and more power to her if she is...I thought that's what Women's Lib was all about?

But she has no need for condoms, because the Noble Sperm will not get anywhere near the vagina of Sandra Fluke's Imaginary Friend.

No, Sandra Fluke's Imaginary Friend instead has a medical condition called PCOS which causes her to be overweight, and have severe PMS, acne and excessive facial hair.  (which is probably the real reason why sperm will get nowhere near the vagina of Susan Fluke's Imaginary Friend.)

Sandra Fluke's Imaginary Friend chooses to treat her PCOS with birth control pills, and was shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that the Catholic university she enrolled in will not cover them for her.

I gotta tell ya, Gentle Readers, here's my opinion: The girl may or may not exist; she may or may not be a slut or a Lesbian, but one thing she definitely is, and that's a fucking liar.

 She can't be merely stupid, or she wouldn't have been able to get in to Georgetown. (Although we do have a Harvard grad running the country who thinks there are 57 states, so who knows)

She is a Flucking LIAR.

This woman and hundreds of people like her are purposely enrolling in  religious schools and applying for jobs at religious institutions so they can destroy religious freedom in America by trying to muddy the water regarding " women's rights".

And the GOP better wake up and smell the coffee.

They are completely incapable of fighting this war and with Breitbart gone, it's time the rest of us started standing up and calling people out on this bullshit.

We can't get caught up in the Leftist narrative.

This isn't about the chick needing rubbers or contraception of any kind. They are cloaking it in a medical issue.

But it really IS about religious freedom. Her medical problems do NOT trump the Catholic Church's right to practice their religion.

THAT is the issue.

I am not particularly religious. I was raised as a Fundamentalist Christian. Now, however, if anything, I'd say I was a Pagan with Buddhist tendencies, a touch of Jewish pragmatism, and a wild strain of Sufi mysticism.

But this bitch needs to keep her ovaries off my First Amendment rights.