Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have yourself a Barry little Christmas, complete with Mao

What a jackass. What an arrogant, clueless complete fucking asswipe.

Chairman Mao ornaments, and Barry's own face superimposed on Mt. Rushmore ornaments....oh, and a transvestite. Nice. Real nice.

The tranny doesn't bother me per se, but honestly, does he belong on the White House Christmas tree??

I realize the Obamas don't celebrate Christmas, but seriously, Chairman Mao?


  1. Why don't the Obama's celebrate Christmas??????

  2. Well, one could certainly hazard a guess......Santa does visit the sweet babies, though, thank goodness.

    I don't care that they don't celebrate Christmas. I do care that they allow an ornament of Chairman Mao on the tree...I am also quite sure that they didn't personally hang it, or even know it was being hung.

    But why in the fuck would you even allow someone like Simon Doonan to decorate the tree?? (I htink he's funny, but not for this job, sorry) WHat happened to the tradition of the ladies in the White House florists shop helping the First Lady decorate the trees??

    Complete and utter Amateur Hour on display there...not to mention a total lack of any sense of appropriateness.

  3. Tammy, you know I love you, right??
    But this is too extreme, even for YOU!!!!

  4. My uncle was an extremely gifted and self-taught stained glass artisan who had ornaments he made and submitted hung on the White House tree. I hate to think he is rolling in his grave right now...

  5. Sharon, I return your love a hundredfold, but no, this is not too extreeme, in my opinion.

    What would constitute outragoeus for you? Do Stalin and Marx have to join Mao on the tree, as well?

    A Hitler tree-topper perhaps??

    I'm sorry, but Mao does NOT belong on the tree.

    Okie Transplant, I had an uncle killed in The Korean War....killed at the battle of Osan, where 406 American soldiers, most of whom were teenagers who had never been in combat, held off 5,000 North Koreans troops for a half a day, before they were forced to retreat. My uncle was one of 106 Americans killed that day, a battle and war that Mao developed strategy for. I'm sure he is rolling in his grave, right along with your uncle.