Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why is this so difficult for him to figure out????

The Groveler-In-Chief


  1. I have no idea. Is he so socially backward that he doesn't have bodily control when he meets heads of state? Or is it that his advisors don't know anything? It sure does send a message about what the USA thinks of itself right now...

    hey, what does the box in the top right of your blog mean?

    Did you and Ashley make contact?

  2. I was thinking perhaps that growing up in a country where bowing is more common, maybe it's just habit. BUT that would also mean he'd have a sense about how deep a bow should be given any particualr situation, and his bows to Heads of State have been WAY beyond a common courtesy. They are practically genuflections!

    The words in the box are Molan Labe, a Greek phrase meaning "Come and take them!" ...which was the response Spartans gave the Persian general who had offered to spare their lives if they would give up their weapons.

    And yes, your sweet girl did leave a message. I didn't realize she had until yesterday, and I have returned her call!