Sunday, November 22, 2009

More cover up by the media

Not sure how many of you heard about the big scandal at CRU in of the main pushers of this stupid Global Warming crap.

Their computers were hacked, and hundreds of emails have been found showing how they have been fudging their data all these years, not running proper models, refusing to publish the models and data that show the earth temps have cooled over the last several years, and were directing people to delete all emails they may have sent referrencing how the data was not favorable to the agenda they are so vehemently pushing...

The sites reporting this are urging caution, and saying that it's possible this was a hoax, but somehow, I think it's true...

Okay, I guess they have admitted the emails all all authentic...wonder how they're gonna spin it?????? Wonder what Al Gore will have to say about it???

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