Friday, November 13, 2009

KSM collects his first virgin

From Don Surber

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed collected the first of his 72 virgins: Barack Obama.

This child — this spoiled brat who has been handed everything — who has never held a job — who has been told all his life how wonderful he is — who accepts no responsibility at all for anything — who blames others for all his problems — whose only accomplishment in life is not being George Bush — got rolled.

Big time.

President Obama’s decision to try KSM as if he were a purse-snatcher bares once and for all shows how shallow our president is. He is ignorant of history and of legal precedent. He would rather draw down the U.S. security forces to protect KSM so that KSM can have the world stage in New York City than trust his own military to try the man. The same military justice system that covers those soldiers he praised a few days ago should be good enough for this scum sucker, KSM.

From a correspondent in Washington who has no voice but must scream:

Kos is trying to claim that critics of President Obama’s plan to ship terrorists to New York City for trial are scared. I wonder if that includes Democrats like Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Majority Leader Harry Reid?

Kos fails to tell you about the disruptions that took place during the trial for terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui in Alexandria, VA:

The 450-inmate jail was locked down every time Moussaoui was moved to the back of the nearby courthouse in a heavily armed convoy. Traffic was stopped as snipers watched from rooftops.

Imagine the security that will be needed for these terrorist trials in one of the most famous cities in the world.

Then there’s also the risks to national security these trials would bring. Last month in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey noted that Osama bin Laden learned quite a bit from the trial of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman in 1995.

In a statement, Sen. Jon Kyl said, “Past trials of terrorists have proven that our civilian courts are not the appropriate venue to handle international terrorism trials. As a result of the trial of Omar Abdel Rahman, also known as the ‘Blind Sheik,’ al Qaeda obtained valuable information about U.S. intelligence sources and methods, thereby making the job of fighting terrorists tougher. Military tribunals –- which have been used by Presidents dating back to George Washington -– are the most appropriate, and secure, forum to try those who commit acts of war against the United States.”

I encourage you to push back on this typically childish Kos smear.

My final comment: Obama is a coward. A man would have held a press conference and announced it and defended his stand. He is in Asia instead. The media vetted Joe the Plumber better than the man who is now president. The result is feeble attempts to bully critics, a refusal to acknowledge the loyal opposition and a dithering foreign policy.

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