Sunday, November 7, 2010

When this hero wakes up,...

I want him to have every possible tool available for his recovery:

The soldier had tourniquets placed for partial amputation of both legs. One liter of a special IV fluid was given in the helicopter, and the patient arrived at the Kandahar hospital in and out of consciousness and in shock.

In the operating room, surgeons temporarily tied off the arteries going to the legs and repaired a tear in a major vein. There was massive damage to the area between the legs. One leg was amputated at the knee. In a second operation the next day his wounds were rewashed and a finger, broken in the explosion, was fixed with external hardware.

That same day the soldier was evacuated to Bagram, where his wounds were washed out and the pelvic region was re-explored. A "foreign body"- the speaker didn't say whether it was dirt, metal or something else - not seen in the first operation was removed. He suffered a collapsed lung after surgery, which was fixed.

He stayed there two days before flying by critical care air transport to Landstuhl.

Seven days after suffering his wounds the soldier arrived at a hospital in the United States. He had another collapsed lung, and pneumonia. His right foot, initially thought to be salvageable, wasn't healing and the surgeons planned to amputate it at the ankle. He had further surgery to his abdomen and numerous operations to start repairing the missing floor of his pelvis.

H/T Villainous Company:

Look, I know times are hard now; maybe you don't have 20, or 10, or even 5 dollars to give.

But you DO have a computer, so you CAN help get the word out.

An email to your entire address book will reach many people who can help.

You can contact your local paper, or the local VFW hall, or church, or any other organization who might be thrilled to take up such a great cause.

This warrior, and many more like him, got blown apart fighting those bastards over there, so we don't have to fight 'em here.

Figure out a way you can help him.

learn more

learn more

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