Friday, November 5, 2010

Freedom of speech is one of our most precious rights as Americans

I have known this since I was a kid, we all have; but over the last year and a half, I have become even more appreciative of it.

I am the author of what can be a very profane blog. I am fiercely and unapologetically opposed to just about everything the Obama Administration stands for; I can come here and rant and rave and cuss and carry on to my heart's content.

And I know who I have to thank for that.

I have men like this to thank for that:

And men like this:

We ALL owe them, and we owe them  ALL, big time, for ALL our freedoms, so please....... give a little, or give a lot, but please, just give:.

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And all you Photoshop pros, please check out this contest! :


  1. Amen! We owe everything we are and will be to our heroes in uniform!